Why Grimes


We always believe in wholesome vegetable seed production and variety improvements through natural selection. When it comes to selling genetically modified vegetable seeds (GMO), ours is a “thumbs down” policy.

Grimes Seed has been in the seed business since 1925. Originally launched in Pennsylvania as H.G. German Seeds then renamed in 1984 by the new Grimes generation. We have customers today who’s ancestors bought and used seeds from our company 90 years ago.

Throughout the years our seed companies mission has been to partner with our customers to understand their seed needs. Then fill those needs by sourcing, processing and delivering seeds of the highest vigor, purest type at the lowest cost.

To borrow a popular phrase…”We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two.”

What started with a supplier list of 3 or 4 producers, now lists over 100.

Today there are hundreds of great vegetable varieties available for you to choose… so which ones should your grow? The best way to decide is by trialing… but how do you trial them all? Grimes has been trial growing seeds since 1949.  Our purpose is to evaluate and share the varieties with the best performance in yield, color, size, texture, flavor and all the other characteristics important to you and help to make your selection easier.

That’s how we know a thing or too and, oh yes, we’ve seen a thing or two.